Kaya Thomas

Hi, I'm Kaya 👋🏽 Illustration of me on a computer sitting at a desk

I’m an iOS developer, writer and public speaker. I currently work as a Senior Software Engineer at Calm. Formerly I worked on iOS at Slack on the Messaging team. I graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Computer Science and did software engineering internships at Apple, Intuit and Time Inc.

In August 2014, I launched We Read Too, a book resource app that features books for kids and teens with main characters of colors written by Black, Latinx, Asian and Indigenous authors. In February 2018, I was featured in the App Store for the first time about We Read Too and what inspired me to create it. I'm still actively working on We Read Too, its available for iOS and Android.

I freelance write and have bylines in various publications. I enjoy writing about software development, technology culture and new products. I have done public speaking for several years and have spoken at technology conferences all around the world. I give technical & non-technical talks, keynote speeches and occasionally MC events.

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